British Charcuterie Handmade in Cornwall

Recipes / Serving Suggestions

Browse through our recipes and serving suggestions using our charcuterie products.

Black Olive Salami Salad

A fresh crisp salad with a unique intense flavour & rich dark colour from the Black Olive Salami dressed with a stunning Red Wine Vinagrette. Serves 1 person: 30g Black Olive salami 30g soft, crumbley goats cheese... read more

Blue Mezza Plate

A delicious plate of Cornish produce. Local Chef Nick Barclay who owns Blue Plate Restaurant in Downderry, Looe would like to share their Mezza Plate, giving you a great idea how to serve the award winnng Deli Farm Traditional... read more

Bresaola & Rocket Salad

Simple and very very tasty a classic combination of Rocket & Bresaola, gives a punchy distint flavour with a melt in the mouth texture, finished off with Parmesan shavings and beautiful juicy vine ripened baby tomatoes drizzled with a... read more

Bruschetta with DFC Cornish Lardo and cherry tomatoes

Ingredients  Serves: 6  250g cherry tomatoes 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon dried red chilli flakes 1 clove of garlic 1 loaf crusty Italian bread 1 bunch rosemary, finely chopped 1 pinch salt 200g... read more

Cheese & Coppa Ham Scones

A mix of Mature Cheddar, Parmesan Cheese & Deli Farm Coppa Ham Scones. Less than 30 minutes preparation time 10 to 30 minutes cooking timeMakes 8-12 scones  Ingredients   225g/8oz self raising flour pinch of salt 55g/2oz butter 25g/1oz... read more

Coppa & Potato Croquettes

Fluffy mashed potato mixed with minced Coppa & rolled into croquettes. Per portion 200g fluffy mashed potato 30g minced Coppa Beaten egg toasted breadcrumbs Mix the mashed potato with a bit of beaten egg and minced coppa, shape... read more

Coppa Crisps

Delicious Deli Farm Coppa Ham crisps - perfect to top a risotto, use as a basket or brake over a salad! Coppa Crisps,  Ingredients thin slices of Coppa Ham Method Heat oven 200°c Take a bun try and turn... read more

Cornish Asparagus With Deli Farm Coppa Croquestas

Cornish asparagus with Deli Farm Coppa croquetas and Buttervilla micro herbs Ingredients for croquetas (12): Cured ham bone or trimmings 375 ml milk 1 bay leaves 50g butter 1 onion finely diced 50g soft flour 20g of cornflour 60g of finely diced... read more

Cornish Coppa & Emmental Tart

An Emmental & Roscoff Onion Tart Recipe from Dez Turland, Saunton Sands Hotel using Cornish Traditional Coppa For Tart: 500g roscoff onions - thinly sliced 200g emmental cheese - grated 150g... read more

Deli Farm Coppa & Caperberry Salad

Stunning Dish available at The Harbour  - using Deli Farm's Traditional Coppa... read more

Insalata Tecla

This is a recipe from Padstow Kitchen Gardens. It's based on a delicious salad from Spizzica, a restaurant in Ortigia, Siracusa in Sicily. 50g Padstow Kitchen Garden mixed salad leaves 2 slices Deli Farm Charcuterie Bresaola 2 slices... read more

John Dory

John Dory - Deli Farm Coppa, Mushroom Puree, Gnocchi, Red Wine Reduction We would like to thank  Stepan Hospodka, chef at Driftwood Hotel for his recipe suggestion, using Deli Farm's Coppa Ham.... read more

Minced Coppa Potato Salad

Potato salad with an intense, punchy flavour from the Deli Farm Traditional Coppa Mince. Serves 1 person: 200g cooked whole baby potato sprinkle of chives 30g Traditional Coppa 70g mayonnaise... read more

Quick Easy Pizza

Make the bases thick or thin and choose any combination of toppings you feel like! PIZZA BASE (makes 2 x 12" thin pizza or 1 x 12" thick) 3 x tea cups plain flour 1 x sachet dried yeast 1 x cup hot , but not boiling) water Pinch of salt... read more

Scrambled Egg & Devils Pokers

Hot granary toast topped with scrambled eggs & a Deli Farm's Devils Poker - A perfect partner for Bucks Fizz! Per portion 2 x fresh eggs (free range if possible) 1 tbs milk 1 small knob of butter 1 x Devils Poker Chopped up... read more