Recipes / Serving Suggestions

Black Olive Salami Salad

A fresh crisp salad with a unique intense flavour & rich dark colour from the Black Olive Salami dressed with a stunning Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Blue Mezza Plate

Serving suggestion for a delicious plate of Cornish produce

Bresaola & Rocket Salad

Simple and very very tasty a classic combination of Rocket & Bresaola, gives a punchy distint flavour with a melt in the mouth texture, finished off with Parmesan shavings and beautiful juicy vine ripened baby tomatoes drizzled with a fresh lemon dressing.

Bruschetta with DFC Cornish Lardo and cherry tomatoes

Our Cornish Lardo works well with cherry tomatoes for a stunning Brushetta

Cheese & Coppa Ham Scones

Scones recipe with a mix of Mature Cheddar, Parmesan Cheese & Deli Farm Coppa Ham

Coppa & Potato Croquettes

Fluffy mashed potato mixed with minced Coppa & rolled into croquettes.

Coppa Crisps

Crispy and delicious Deli Farm Coppa Ham crisps - perfect to top a risotto, use as a basket for canapes or crumble over a salad!

Cornish Asparagus With Deli Farm Coppa Croquestas

Cornish asparagus with Deli Farm Coppa croquetas and Buttervilla micro herbs

Cornish Coppa & Emmental Tart

An Emmental & Roscoff Onion Tart Recipe from Dez Turland, Saunton Sands Hotel using our Coppa

Crispy Roast Potatoes

Crunchy Roast Potatoes cooked

Deli Farm Coppa & Caperberry Salad

Stunning Dish available at The Harbour in Padstow using Deli Farm's Traditional Coppa

Insalata Tecla

A delicious salad from Siracusa in Sicily using our Coppa and Bresaola

John Dory

How about John Dory with Deli Farm Coppa, mushroom puree, gnocchi and a red wine reduction.

Minced Coppa Potato Salad

Potato salad with an intense, punchy flavour from the Deli Farm Traditional Coppa Mince.

Pancetta topped Roast Turkey

Quick Easy Pizza

A quick pizza recipe with your choice of delicious toppings like our Hot Peppery Salami, anchovies and strips of sweet peppers

Scrambled Egg & Devils Pokers

Hot granary toast topped with scrambled eggs & a Deli Farm Devils Poker - a perfect partner for Bucks Fizz!