British Charcuterie Handmade in Cornwall
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Coppa Crisps

Delicious Deli Farm Coppa Ham crisps - perfect to top a risotto, use as a basket or brake over a salad!

Coppa Crisps, 


thin slices of Coppa Ham


  • Heat oven 200°c
  • Take a bun try and turn upside down
  • Lay Coppa Ham over the cones and place in oven
  • Leave in oven for approx. 6 / 7 minutes until it is dried and crisp
  • Serve immediately

Perfect to serve:

  • Crumble over a salad
  • Crumble over a risotto 
  • Serve as a crisp on top of a risotto or our favourite
  • Drop in a pan fried scallop, oyster or king prawn and serve immediately