British Charcuterie Handmade in Cornwall


Hot Peppery Salami

Made with Cornish pork. This Cornish salami is flavoured with red chilli flakes, cayenne pepper & cream sherry. It has bite but is not a killer!

Garlic Salami

Deli Farm Garlic Salami - Made with Cornish pork, this salami has a subtle garlic flavour the light spicing complements the meat and garlic rather than overpowering it. This Cornish salami is a favourite of traditionalists. 

Fennel & Anise Salami

Made with Cornish leg of pork & top rump of Cornish beef mixed with lightly bruised fennel seed, star anise & port gives this salami a mouthful of flavour! ALLERGEN ADVICE:-Contains Skimmed Milk Powder and Mustard seeds

Oak Smoked Paprika Salami

Made with Cornish leg of pork, flavoured with cream sherry and sweet paprika which has been slowly smoked with oak wood, this Cornish salami has a taste of the Spanish Chorizo. ALLERGEN ADVICE:- Contains Skimmed Milk Powder

Truffle Salami

This salami is made with Cornish leg of pork, fresh Black Winter Truffles, a very good truffle oil and seasoned just enough to enhance the truffle flavour and aroma. An overall delicate but earthy taste.

Black Olive Salami

Made with lean leg of Cornish Pork and Kalamata Olives this salami has a rich dark colour and has a unique intense flavour. it has a slightly drier crumblier texture that a standard salami but there is no added fat therefore as well as being delicious it is low in saturated fats!  

Spicy Chorizo

A cured British Chorizo made with selective muscles from Local Shoulder of Pork blended with hot smoked paprika which gives it a bit of a kick! Perfect to cook with or to eat as it is. ALLERGEN ADVICE:- Contains skimmed milk powder

Venison Salami

Made with Wild Venison from various Westcountry Estates; mixed with a range of herbs & spices, giving a fine texture and a richer gamey flavour. *Contains Pork Fat*

Salami Knob Ends

A selection of assorted Cornish Salami ends & off-cuts. Delicious pizza topping or add to a cassolette to give a fabulous flavour!

Semi Cured Chorizo

A semi cured cooking Chorizo, with a kick but not too hot! It is partly dried to enhance its cooking performance. Made with shoulder and belly Pork. Suitable for use with any cooked chorizo recipe. Must be refrigerated & cooked before consuming.

Spicy Salami with Star Anise

Made with fresh locally sourced pork; flavoured with Star Anise and enriched with port ALLERGEN ADVICE:- Contains skimmed milk powder

Lightly Spiced Lardo Salami

A meaty salami that is lightly spiced and packed with chucky Lardo. This salami will compliment any of our other cured meats & salami on a platter or can be enjoyed on its own!


A wickedly hot spreadable salami

Christmas Salami

The taste of Christmas all wrapped up in a pork salami! You really do have to try it to believe it!! A combinations of Pork, port, cloves & all the other Christmas spices make this a very special salami, which is only available at this time of the year! Always a Christmas show best seller!