British Charcuterie Handmade in Cornwall

Summer Sharing Sale

Mixed Charcuterie Packs

Deli Farm Mixed Charcuterie Packs are Perfect for Sharing with family & friends during the summer sunshine. 140g pack contains 50g of Cornish Coppa, 50g of Hot Peppery Salami & 40g of Smoked Lamb Proscuitto.

Taster Packs

Not sure what you would like or looking for a great gift? Deli Farms Taster Pack contains a fantastic variety of our Range! This August we have Taster packs for only £11.00!! Each pack contains: 3 large slices of Black Olive, Fennel & Anise, Garlic, Hot Peppery, Lardo & Venison Salami, 3 slices of Smoked Lamb Proscuitto, 4 slices of Lomo, Spicy Chorizo and Pancetta, 1 piece of Poker & Devils Poker *Number of slices may vary"