Coppa, Bresaola, Prosciutto Etc

Cornish Coppa

The Coppa joint runs through the shoulder from the base of the neck to the top of the loin. Made from Cornish Pork shoulder, slowly dry cured in a blend of salts and spices, coated in a pepper spice mix and slowly air dried to develop it's strong punchy flavour.

Wild Venison Bresaola

Whole muscles from the hindquarters of Wild Westcountry Venison, dry cured in a blend of salts, sugar and spices and slowly air dried. It has a rich 'gamey' flavour and soft texture. Venison is also high in protein and low in cholesterol so has health benefits.

Cornish Lomo

Lomo is made from Cornish pork Loin, It has been dry cured in a mixture of salts and spices and then slowly air dried. It's flavour is delicate but meaty and has enough fat to give it a soft texture.

Cornish Pancetta

Our Pancetta is dry cured in a delicate blend of salts and spices and then slowly air dried. It works perfectly wrapped around chicken or pheasant breasts and slowly cooked or eaten as it is!

Cornish Smoked Lamb Prosciutto

Leg of mature grass fed lamb dry cured and then smoked in Oak wood before slowly drying. Soft in texture retaining a good strong lamb and smoke flavour.

Beef Bresaola

Our Beef Bresaola is made with West Country beef; traditionally dry cured in a blend of salts, herbs and spices, then slowly air dried for several months. It has plenty of texture and layers of flavour!

Cornish Lardo

Beautiful handmade Cornish Lardo. Cornish Pork Back Fat cured in salt, sugar cane, garlic powder, white pepper, coriander & mace make this delicate and creamy while the flavor is slightly sweet and herbaceous. Check out our recipe page for some ideas of how to use this pure, delicious fat.

Smoked Cornish Culatello

The King of the Cured Meats our Culatello is made with a simple cure and smoked with Apple wood before being slowly dried.

Cornish Apple Smoked Fiocco

The smaller leg muscle prepared in a simple cure and smoked with Apple wood before being slowly dried.