Snacks & Seasonings

Devils Pokers

Finely ground sticks of salami flavoured with chilli flakes and cayenne pepper. Made with quality Cornish Pork and freshly ground spices. A tasty ready to eat snack with a wicked tingle!

Wild Venison Pokers

Made with finely ground westcountry wild venison, port and spices. These salami sticks have no added fat which gives them a firm and meaty texture but mouth-watering flavour.

Coppa Crumbs

The ends of our Coppa, dried and ground into a powdered seasoning. Add to any meat or vegetable dish for an intense flavor - use sparingly! (jar not included)

Beef Biltong

Our two flavours of Beef Biltong are based on a traditional South African recipe. Choose from our Original Beef Biltong and Hot Chilli Biltong or why not get yourself a pack of each!

Venison Biltong

Succulent Venison Biltong made from Wild Venison from the South West. Made with a mix of fragrant herbs and spice, this biltong is nothing but remarkable!